WWD Podcast – Episode 6: Craig Defleming at Sassin Diversified Technologies

Our guest is Craig Defleming at Sassin Tech!  For this episode, I invited Craig Defleming on the podcast who is an experienced builder of custom unmanned aircraft systems.  He has helped our company by delivering some different custom built multirotor and fixed wing drones that we have been able to use on site for clients. While custom builds may not be a common choice for companies that offer UAV services, they do have some clear benefits, including the ability to use a custom payload of the pilot’s choice, and to focus on the data before the aircraft.  

Some of the topics covered in this podcast episode:

  • Pros and cons of custom built UAVs
  • Tips on choosing your first setup
  • The future of custom builds
  • The process of building drones
  • Components used in a custom build
  • Comparing custom UAVs to mainstream units


Mike Morellato is the lead author and founder of  He works with drones and their data at Strategic in Campbell River, BC (Canada). 

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