WWD Podcast – Episode 4: Alyssa Ryan at MicaSense

Our guest is Alyssa Ryan at MicaSense!  MicaSense is a Seattle-based firm that has gained a lot of traction in the UAV sensor space, particularly with their work on a small 5-band multispectral camera called the RedEdge.  Alyssa discusses a wide range of topics surrounding their UAV camera technology, including some really unique use cases for their product.  I’ve had the opportunity to use the RedEdge to capture both agriculture and forestry data, and have been impressed with some of the ways that it can help with decision-making.

Some of the topics covered in this podcast episode:

  • The main uses of multispectral cameras
  • 5 different bands that the camera has access to
  • How farmers are using their RedEdge camera
  • Uses for multispectral outside of agriculture
  • What can you do with the data after it’s collected


Mike Morellato is the lead author and founder of  He works with drones and their data at Strategic in Campbell River, BC (Canada). 


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