WWD Podcast – Episode 2: Andrew Chapman at Australian UAV

Our guest is Andrew Chapman from Australian UAV!  Andrew’s background includes experience as a commercial pilot and as a visual effects supervisor in the film industry, sets of skills that have transferred over well as he started to focus on drone work.  He has operated UAV startups in both Canada and Australia, and is currently back in Sydney as the Director of Operations for Australian UAV in New South Wales.  I first connected with Andrew when he operated here in BC, where he was an active member of the local commercial drone community. One of the unique applications that he talks about in this podcast episode is his experience operating UAVs in Antarctica while aboard an icebreaker!  

Some of the topics discussed in this podcast episode:

  • Experience operating drones in Canada vs Australia
  • Mapping with fixed wing UAVs
  • Ground control and survey quality deliverables
  • Operating UAVs in Antarctica, both on ship and on land
  • Tips for people new to commercial drone work
  • Drone regulations 


Mike Morellato is the lead author and founder of  He works with drones and their data at Strategic in Campbell River, BC (Canada). 

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