WWD Podcast Episode #23 – Matt Nanney from AECOM

Published August 1, 2019

Our guest is Matt Nanney, who is a Mobile Technology Lead & UAS Manager at AECOM!  After I spent nearly 8 years with AECOM in the Burnaby office in Canada, I thought I would check back in with the company that gave me a great start to my career.  Matt joined me from the Raleigh, North Carolina office – one of many offices at AECOM, a company that spans the globe and has clients in over 150 countries.  We had a good chat about how Matt integrates drones into different types of projects for inspection and mapping purposes.  His diverse background has allowed him to realize the real potential of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems at AECOM, improve efficiency and save time on previously cumbersome tasks.  We also chat about the latest drones they are using and what is next with his office and the drone program there.  

Some of the topics covered in this podcast episode:

  • Multirotor inspection drones
  • The challenges of building a drone program 
  • Using drones in different sectors
  • What’s next for drones at AECOM in Raleigh
  • The industry as a whole, and where it’s headed

External website for more info: AECOM


Mike Morellato is the lead author and founder of  He works with drones and their data at Strategic in Campbell River, BC (Canada). 

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