Recommended Training for Commercial Drone Work

If you are looking to get setup for professional drone work in Canada, I highly recommend exploring the training below.  We recently launched our course: Mapping & Surveying With Drones course in November of 2018!  See below for details.

The course is on sale right now and available for $229 $149! This course details the full operational workflow, from planning missions to mapping on the work site with unmanned aircraft and then processing your data.  Extend your skills and deliver professional UAV data products. 
Meets requirements under proposed regulatory framework in Canada for pilot seeking a UAS Pilot Permit for operations with Small Complex UAS (1-25 kg in controlled airspace and built-up areas).  20+ hours of content.  Meets current requirements for applicants seeking a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).
Helpful for those that have taken ground school, but want to refresh their knowledge. Sample questions mimic typical style of Transport Canada written exams. Will include an explanation of new regulations once they come into force.
Useful for anyone preparing for commercial UAV work in Canada, to learn the techniques for communicating by radio effectively.  After you take this online course, you can challenge the exam at an approved facility.