One of the best ways to learn more about the commercial RPAS industry is to hear from those that are working with drones on a daily basis.  This could be in RPAS sales, services, research, software, manufacturing, disaster response, or many of the other subsectors within the RPAS industry.  

The WWD podcast aims for one episode every 2 weeks… and all new episodes are posted to this page as well as on iTunes. I hope you enjoy them! The links below take you to the individual podcast page where you can listen to it.  The date listed is the publish date, usually a few days after the episode recording.

  Episode 21 – Our guest is Philip Reece from InDro Robotics (Services)  Jan 28, 2019
  Episode 20 – Our guest is Kwasi Perry from UAV Survey Inc (Services)  Dec 11, 2018
  Episode 19 – Our guest is Will Brown, UAV Technician at Strategic (Services)  Sept. 26, 2018
  Episode 18 – Our guest is Eric Andelin from Wantman Group (Geospatial tech July 24, 2018
  Episode 17 – Our guest is Dr. Greg Crutsinger from Scholar Farms (Veg. mapping)  May 27, 2018
  Episode 16 – Our guest is Oisin McGrath from DroneSAR (Search & Rescue May 9, 2018
  Episode 15 – Our guest is Chris Fleming from Cyberhawk Innovations (Inspection Apr. 4, 2018
  Episode 14 – Our guest is Steve Rhode from Wake Forest FD  (Incident management)  Mar. 22, 2018
  Episode 13 – Our guest is Mauricio Ortiz from Aeromao  (UAV sales, fixed wings)  Feb. 28, 2018
  Episode 12 – Our guest is Bill Gaylord from AirData UAV  (Cloud data platform)  Jan 30, 2018
  Episode 11 – Our guest is Jason Hagon from GeoDrone Survey (Services)  Nov. 6, 2017 
  Episode 10 – Our guest is Joel Kaiser from WeRobotics (Humanitarian work)  Aug. 31, 2017
  Episode 9 – Our guest is Briton Voorhees from Sensefly  (UAV sales, mapping focus)  Aug. 9, 2017
  Episode 8 – Our guest is Peter Seeley, Photogrammetrist  (Theory & practice)  Jul. 12, 2017
  Episode 7 Our guest is Kate Kienapple from Coastal Drone Co. (Training and services)  June 6, 2017
  Episode 6 – Our guest is Craig Defleming from Sassin Tech (Custom builds)  May 15, 2017
  Episode 5 – Our guest is Felix Weber from Ag Business & Crop Inc. (Sales and service)  May 8, 2017
  Episode 4Our guest is Alyssa Ryan from Micasense (Sensors)  April 24, 2017
  Episode 3Our guest is Calvin Reich from Capri Insurance Services (UAV insurance)  April 18, 2017
  Episode 2 Our guest is Andrew Chapman from Australian UAV (Services)  April 9, 2017
  Episode 1 Our guest is Paul Bennett from Aerobotika (Training)  April 2, 2017

If you work with RPAs directly (or indirectly) and would like to discuss a possible interview on the Working With Drones Podcast, feel free to contact me at

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