Course Has Launched!
Mapping & Surveying
with Drones

Extend your skills and lay the foundation for improved UAV data products for your clients.

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Course is now available:

>>> Deliver professional datasets

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We've just launched our new course,
Mapping & Surveying With Drones

Check out the video above for a quick overview of the course.

The course covers the following topics:

• Drone safety
• Key Considerations Before You Fly
• Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
• Mediums of Capture
• UAV Platforms for Mapping
• Cameras and Sensors for UAVs
• Manual Flight vs. Autonomous Mapping

• Flight Planning: Key Concepts
• Ground Control for UAV Mapping
• Mapping Missions: An Overview
• iOS Flight Planning (Hands-On)
• Options for Generating Data Products
• Processing UAV Data (Hands-On)
• Standards & Quality Control

• UAV Survey Deliverables
• Added Value Analysis
• Presenting Your UAV Data
• Planning Tips and Resources
• Battery Management
• UAV Gear That Saves Headaches
• Data Management On Site

Until the end of November,
Use promo code DRONEMAP
and receive $50 off the course!, 2018.