What is the Story Behind Working With Drones?

Checking the camera before a survey mission

People from all walks of life are using unmanned aircraft to help them at work, and it’s not only photographers, surveyors, film production companies, drone manufacturers or GIS professionals (to name a few).  Because of this, I wanted to create an online resource for all users of drones in this fast-growing field. 

My hope is that you can use the information on my site to help to get started with drones, or to see how you can advance the drone program at your company if one already exists.


What Type of Drone Information Will I Find Here?

Commercial unmanned aircraft that weigh less than 25 kg, is what I speak to the most. Over time, I will be presenting more practical tips and guidance on using drones to help you deliver new products to clients, or strengthen your current business offerings by adding UAVs to your company’s toolset.


About the Author

My name is Mike Morellato and I live in Courtenay on Vancouver Island (Canada) with my wife Tara and two sons, Dre and Theo.  I work as a UAV Specialist with Strategic Natural Resource Consultants with a focus on collecting, mapping and analyzing UAV data. 

My interest in drones started after working for years as a GIS Analyst, and noticing the trend towards high resolution mapping with unmanned aircraft and the cost savings that it can introduce. I also owe a shout out to Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose aerial photography I discovered in 2003 while living in Taiwan… he has been a source of inspiration ever since. 

We are now in the presence of an aerial data revolution with amazing new options to collect, visualize and interpret data from above!  



It’s great to hear from readers and fellow UAV professionals – keep in touch!


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