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“New Canadian Drone Regulations Announced! “

Recently, the Canadian Transport Minister announced changes to drone regulations in Canada that will take effect on June 1, 2019.  Leading up to that date, both recreational and commercial users will have to write an exam and decide if they are pursuing basic or advanced operations.  With advanced drone operations, there will also be a flight review process, which include a practical flight test.  Learn more in this post…

Latest WWD Podcast Episode

In our 22nd podcast episode, published April 10, 2019, I discussed Canadian milestones and long range systems with Didi Horn, Founder & CEO at SkyX.  From BVLOS trials to pipeline inspection missions using VTOL fixed wings and charging stations, there was a lot to discuss. SkyX is now expanding internationally and it was clear that they are one of the leading RPAS firms in Canada. I hope you enjoy this podcast episode as much as I did.

UAV Applications and Tools

There is a lot of information out there discussing commercial drone use, and what it takes to succeed.  I’ve grouped a bunch of valuable tools and resources in one place to save you time and help you succeed with UAV integration.  This includes a database of successful drone applications and a number of other free resources.  

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