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“A Map of Drone-Related Violations in Canada”
As many of us discover from the news, there are plenty of individuals (and companies) that aren’t playing by Transport Canada’s rules. I came across their offender’s list, both corporate and non-corporate, and decided to map out the fines that have been given out. The actual locations were not recorded, but I tracked the fines by province and noticed some interesting trends.

Latest WWD Podcast Episode

In our 13th podcast episode posted February 28, 2018, I interview Mauricio Ortiz, owner at Aeromao.  They are Canadian leaders in custom fixed wing sales, and have had their drones operated all over the world.  We discuss some of Mauricio’s international experience, including a recent trips to the Maldives. Much of their focus on these trips is to get new users enabled with their systems and running smoothly. It was good to catch up and hear more about the journey of this Canadian UAV company!

Tools & Resources

There is a lot of information out there discussing commercial drone use, and what it takes to succeed.  I’ve grouped a bunch of valuable tools and resources in one place to save you time and help you succeed with UAV integration.  This includes a database of successful drone applications and a number of other free resources.  

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