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“New to Mapping with Drones? 7 Areas to Focus on for Success”

There are many drone users out there that have some experience with photo and video capture, but haven’t conducted many mapping missions with their UAVs. If you are just starting to explore how you can create quality maps with your drone’s data, or you are looking for extra tips, then this post is for you.  These tips will help to avoid re-flying any missions, and to come out with the best results possible.

Latest WWD Podcast Episode

Celebrating our 20th podcast episode!  In early December I sat down with Kwasi Perry, who founded UAV Survey Incorporated based out of Texas.  Kwasi and I had a good discussion on the current state of the commercial drone industry, and we spoke about his current trip to the African continent.  I caught him just before his trip, where he was travelling with a number of different drones to set up new opportunities abroad.  

UAV Applications and Tools

There is a lot of information out there discussing commercial drone use, and what it takes to succeed.  I’ve grouped a bunch of valuable tools and resources in one place to save you time and help you succeed with UAV integration.  This includes a database of successful drone applications and a number of other free resources.  

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